Four generations of a family must rebuild their legacy after America's last recession.

In this excerpt, Salome, 19, reflects on a conversation with her great-grandmother and family matriarch, Nannie.


Wendy Craig heads MARVEL Studios’ Costume Archive Department where she manages the attire of fan-favorite superheros worn by Hollywood’s top actors. This video follows Craig as she preps these award-winning costumes for MARVEL’s first traveling exhibition.


A music video for Grammy Award winning artist, India Arie from her album, WORTHY.

Director: Maori Karmael Holmes | Directors of Photography: Lendl Tellington & Rashid Zakat | Lead Talent: Lyriq Bent |Production Company: Karmalux | Assistant Director: Patrice Worthy | Production Designer: Diana Rice | Stylist: Sami Martin Sarmiento & Dapper Afrika | Makeup: Daryon Haylock | Editor: Aidan Un

 Science Stories: Helen Rhoda Quinn

Her groundbreaking work picked up where Einstein left off, tackling the holy grail of theoretical physics: the Theory of Everything.

Theoretical physicist Helen Rhoda Quinn shares how she made her way as one of only 2% of women in her field.

GLOU GLOU Magazine

From Los Angeles to New York, Italy to Mexico and back.

Glou Glou magazine is a word-of-mouth guide to wine I produce alongside wine importer and distributor, Jenn Green.

The idea is to make a wine publication as approachable and playful as a children’s book… That’s for adults, of course.

THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE: 40 years of astronomy

For 40 years, Derrick Pitts has dedicated his energy to bringing knowledge of the cosmos to Pennsylvania’s most visited museum, The Franklin Institute. This video introduction was used at the distinguished Franklin Awards to commemorate Derrick’s service.


Some questions can only be answered as a hoax.

How would America’s profit-driven and reactionary health-care system treat those harboring the illness of racism?

Designer Kim Loper creates a brand campaign for a fictional pharmaceutical company, Miraciprol. Its latest product is Denylium, a pill that manages the symptoms of Chronic Racial Anxiety Syndrome (CRAS) in white people.

Alongside the designer, we created a television spot satirizing big pharma infomercials.

Show Me What You Want Me To See

Silken secrets unravel in this collaborative film that explores all the peculiar stages of love– from its dawning and dimming to its inevitable darkness. SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SEE is a multidisplainary collaboration between Silk graffiti artist Aubrie Costello, dancers Leslie Davidson, Jessica Noel and Fatima Adamu, filmmaker Lendl Tellington and music producer Josh Hey.

***This is an excerpt of an 11min film.


A collection of documentary photography capturing the students, parents, teachers and spaces of Philadelphia's underfunded School district, by Lendl Tellington, Sarah Milinski, Sahar Coston-Hardy, and Marco Hill. 

Originally exhibited at Gravy Studio and Gallery, this project later included in reForm, an art installation by Macarthur genius, Pepon Osorio and the youth of Fairhill Elementary.